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Do you know who your marketing dollars are actually targeting?

Club Industry knows how important your marketing spend is and recognizes the importance of targeting the right audience the first time. When you want to reach health and fitness professionals, you need the media source they use every day. If marketing and advertising with Club Industry is not part of your marketing campaign, you are truly missing out on an active and highly engaged audience. Let us show you how to grow your business, excite current and future clients and put you ahead of competitors.

Club Industry is the #1 media source for fitness decision makers in the United States and we can prove it.

Club Industry Show

Business Type Breakdown Percentage
Traditional Fitness 35%
Educational 13%
Medical and Wellness 12%
Business Services 10%
Public/Not-for-Profit 8%
Retailer/Distribution 8%
Manufacturer 7%
Studio 6%
Lifestyle 2%


Business Services 15%
Educational 6%
Manufacturer 7%
Medical and Wellness 11%
Public/Not-for-Profit 10%
Retailer/Distribution 7%
Studio 9%
Traditional Fitness 36%